GET TO KNOW: Lisa Johnston

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready the teacher will disappear. (Lao Tzu)

There’s a BIG reason why I admire today’s Work Wednesday profile. Lisa Johnston consults to one of Private Idaho’s most popular and talented women – Jules Sebastian. Lisa works with Jules across her Social Community and she is a total force & gun. Lisa is so dedicated & we all admire her greatly. Why ? Well, she’s a doer. But for Lisa to “do” something means she’s researched, planned, discussed and prepared for everything. Small, big and all the in between. She is observant, intelligent, she has a cracking sense of humour but most of all … her actions speak louder than words. It’s always healthy to be challenged with ideas, opinion and direction. Lisa does all of that as a pioneer but not without trust and her sticking by to make sure things evolve and work. It’s just amazing watching Jules & Lisa work – to smart, unique women and that’s why the community resonates with all they create and clients love her interfacing with clever campaigns.

It’s Lisa who is the trusty camera and editor of Jules’ hugely popular food recipes and the brilliant Friday Cocktails. Their passion and genuine buzz is captured via Jules’ engaging personality and real deal authenticity … and of course the hilarious Tik Tok recordings … when my phone rings and I see it’s Lisa calling, I always pick up because I know there’s a reason behind the call … we cover a lot of ground and across these recent months, there’s been a bucket load of fantastic ideas … the best is yet to come !

Lisa juggles a vast number of incredibly talented client roster and yet manages to make you feel like you’re the most important. That’s a skill ! She’s also a Mum to a beautiful daughter and soon to be daughter number 2, a human Mum to over 4 dogs, wife and friend to many. There’s been years of dedication to owning her own business Social Avenues; big positions in high ranking corporate marketing including National Australia Bank. You are a superstar Lisa and a huge daily inspiration. So much respect 🙏🏼

Please read her insightful answers to our Work Wednesday quiz.


Biggest advice for those looking to break into your industry?
Never stop learning! Social Media literally changes daily! What got results yesterday may not work tomorrow. I am always thinking one step ahead and how I can help evolve my clients! Research is key, but trailing & testing is critical.

Is there anything that someone told you when you were younger that still sticks with you today?
My dad said to me for as long as I can remember “The teacher arrives when the student is ready to learn” I would always roll my eyes but nothing has ever made more sense to me as an adult. If you want something bad enough you turn up, day in day out and absorb as much information as possible. Even with my clients the ones who truly are ready to learn are the ones who get the best results.

How do you cope with the crazy hours and unusual demands?
Owning my own business definitely calls for crazy hours/demands and a work life balance that isn’t always balanced….but this is exactly what I have worked so hard for. To be able to spend time with my daughter whilst building my own little empire. I will always go above and beyond for my clients because ultimately their success is mine.

Favourite Career moment?
Travelling around the world speaking at events about all things Social Media to an audience & building an interactive Social Media hub for National Australia Bank.

Favourite Client?
They are all my favourite….just ask them 😉

How would someone best describe you?
Bossy, caring, loyal & opinionated…

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