• Welcome to Private Idaho’s blog. This is a place where the world of Private Idaho takes shape and you will be able to share in our vision. The name ‘Private Idaho’ was inspired by Gus Van Sant’s risk-taking cult movie ‘My Own Private Idaho.’  Choosing this name was a way of reminding myself and my team that we can take risks whilst always providing a sanctuary for our clients, partners and team as we grow and develop everyone’s careers and the business. Working in entertainment is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities. Every move we make at Private Idaho has purpose and strategy but also a lot of heart and joy. Nothing we do or start is ever started without thought and intention. This blog will allow us to open up a world of deeper thought, conversation and open information. This means there will be lots of posts about what we have learned over the years in business, trends we are reviewing or using or not, some behind the scenes, our influences in entertainment and in life that will touch on travel, art, lifestyle, running a family and business, balance, setting goals, people management, laughter and tips. You will hear from founder Jen Fontaine and also members of the amazing team who are brilliant people and executives.

    Welcome & enjoy ! 
    Jen Fontaine & all the team at Private Idaho 


This Work Wednesday is about pure talent and such a valued consultant and team member. Ladies & gentlemen here’s the one & only Mitchell Woodcock. He is truly remarkable… A creative producer, interpreter of art, a genius and someone I have grown to trust, admire, cherishing windows when we can align his craft with our top talent. Mitch is someone that shifts easily to being on stage himself to producing some of the best TV and live moments ever! He has become our very own @guysebastian's right hand man and creative partner. He’s kind, funny, filled with ideas and also very adept of understanding the needs of many stakeholders. He’s also brilliant at fighting for the talents needs and makes them feel safe to experiment and collaborate.

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Guys. Lozzie here. Today I'm taking over Top Drawer for a bit of fun, and to shine a little light on someone EXCELLENT. Today's guest is a brilliant creative: Interior Designer, Consultant, Writer, 2014 Winner of The Block and all round legend of a human - my good friend, Shannon Vos of VOS CREATIVE.

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In this Top Drawer, Jennifer Fontaine brought along Lauren Stamper to keep our next guest on his quiz toes & of course, he blitzed the answers giving some sound advice; keep black a staple in your wardrobe; always wear boots over sneakers (ah we both had sneakers on whoops!).

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GET TO KNOW: Alex Arcuri

"The two things in life you are in total control over are your attitude & your effort" (Billy Cox)

Surrounding yourself with positive & kind people has become a priority for us all especially these last two years. This much admired & loved member of our team overflows with this attribute. Every client and team member looks forward to a production day with Alex Arcuri. Alex is a talented videographer, editor & content producer. It’s been over two years now since we met Alex on the Mentality shoot with a wonderfully talented photographer Peter Brew-Bevan. I was so impressed by Alex’s can-do attitude that I started to request Alex across both Guy & Jules Sebastian, the Human Nature guys as well as my gym content and Private Idaho work at large.

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TOP DRAWER: Tim Freeburn

I am really excited about this episode of Top Drawer because this talented businessman is truly a humble, straight shooting powerhouse. Everyone please meet Tim Freeburn, the Managing Director of Sesion Tequila. Sesion Tequila is an Australian success story that is quickly becoming renowned in Australia and internationally as a tequila brand of the highest quality. I must admit to being a novice when it comes to knowledge of Tequila but I will note Sesion is 100% Blue Agave, it’s clean, premium, and a brand created by Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall and cultivated by Tim in his role as Managing Director. Now please watch this episode to learn about all of Tim’s experience and career so far, and what he does to make his business world operate. I literally took it for the team (they know I don’t usually drink!!) and conducted this interview drinking Sesion. I have to say I am now a convert. It’s truly a delectable and classy consumption.

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GET TO KNOW: Jennifer Fontaine

“You can always tell who the strong women are. They're ones building other women up instead of tearing them down.” Anonymous.

This is a very special Work Wednesday today team PI are taking over the blog to bring you our one and only, Jennifer Fontaine.

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TOP DRAWER: Lauren Stamper

When we started the idea of quizzing people we love & admire in mixed fields via Top Drawer, I couldn’t have imagined a better person to grill. This is Lauren Stamper one of Private Idaho’s brilliant managers. What’s awesome about Loz is she brings light & energy to life & business daily to the point that I always want to make sure she’s as happy as she makes others feel. How generous is that ! Someone that wants to ensure we’re all ok just so that the day and goals are met whilst keeping the vibe!

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GET TO KNOW: Patrick Rohl

“Dreams are extremely important. You can’t do it unless you imagine it.” George Lucas.

Patrick Rohl is a great friend & colleague to myself, the team at Private Idaho and certainly our clients, in particular Guy Sebastian. He’s an incredible filmmaker, director and editor that I was introduced to by someone I really respect in the industry. Introductions aren’t always guarantees that you will gel and projects will be successful, but with Pat in was a quick syncing of firstly his warmth, smart operations and openness and then very quickly his quality work. To add to one more George Lucas quote that really has a double meaning to me – as a filmmaker this makes perfect literal sense; “Always remember, your focus determines your reality.” It also builds to Pat’s professionalism and brilliant execution of projects.

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TOP DRAWER: Chrissy Biasotto

We are switching things up in this brand new episode of Top Drawer.  Our brilliant manager Lauren Stamper is taking over to introduce March's Top Drawer guest, Chrissy Biasotto. 

"I’ve known and loved Chrissy since I was a teenager, and let me tell you that she is a real life angel. Truly. She is a dear family friend, and watching her (and Sal) build Tailor Made PR with hard work and passion representing some of the biggest global & Australian brands, while juggling a young family amidst it all, makes me immensely proud. It was so fun to do this with her so I hope you enjoy a little taste of this divine human."

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