• Welcome to Private Idaho’s blog. This is a place where the world of Private Idaho takes shape and you will be able to share in our vision. The name ‘Private Idaho’ was inspired by Gus Van Sant’s risk-taking cult movie ‘My Own Private Idaho.’  Choosing this name was a way of reminding myself and my team that we can take risks whilst always providing a sanctuary for our clients, partners and team as we grow and develop everyone’s careers and the business. Working in entertainment is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities. Every move we make at Private Idaho has purpose and strategy but also a lot of heart and joy. Nothing we do or start is ever started without thought and intention. This blog will allow us to open up a world of deeper thought, conversation and open information. This means there will be lots of posts about what we have learned over the years in business, trends we are reviewing or using or not, some behind the scenes, our influences in entertainment and in life that will touch on travel, art, lifestyle, running a family and business, balance, setting goals, people management, laughter and tips. You will hear from founder Jen Fontaine and also members of the amazing team who are brilliant people and executives.

    Welcome & enjoy ! 
    Jen Fontaine & all the team at Private Idaho 


February's Top Drawer is one of my long time friends. We have literally grown up together over these last 20+ years & I can honestly say she is one of the kindest, most generous & dynamic women I know! Belinda Jeffrey, owner of the La Boutique salon is an innovator and master in hair colouring, often referred to as 'The Blonde Whisperer'. With over 20 years experience, Belinda's work is highly sought after for catwalk, leading magazines, celebrities, film stars, supermodels, bloggers and ‘it’ girls, as well as her loyal clientele.

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GET TO KNOW: Lisa Johnston

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. When the student is truly ready the teacher will disappear. (Lao Tzu)

There's a BIG reason why I admire today's Work Wednesday profile. Lisa Johnston consults to one of Private Idaho's most popular and talented women - Jules Sebastian. Lisa works with Jules across her Social Community and she is a total force & gun. Lisa is so dedicated & we all admire her greatly. Why ? Well, she's a doer. But for Lisa to "do" something means she's researched, planned, discussed and prepared for everything. Small, big and all the in between. She is observant, intelligent, she has a cracking sense of humour but most of all ... her actions speak louder than words. It's always healthy to be challenged with ideas, opinion and direction. Lisa does all of that as a pioneer but not without trust and her sticking by to make sure things evolve and work. It's just amazing watching Jules & Lisa work - to smart, unique women and that's why the community resonates with all they create and clients love her interfacing with clever campaigns.

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Top Drawer: Jiani Mazza

Starting our first Top Drawer of the year with a focus on health. I know I am not alone with so many of us carving out time to move our bodies for peace of mind & a way to be in a better state to fufill our careers / busy lives & just a better status quo. My Coach is just a good person first up. It's so important to be surrounded by kind, motivated people who want you to be better in life. We laugh and enjoy this time in & out of the gym and have formed a friendship bond for life with him & his partner. In this last year @jiani_pt has been training many friends, industry peers and a big variety of men & women via his #TheTransformationProject method. Jiani is incredibly focused when training and really does work on finding that extra out of each rep & challenges clients to bring their bodies to their most capable place. He's an elite athlete; former boxer & also prepping for his first bodybuilding comp. We have set my goals for 2021 who knows if I will achieve them ... it doesn't matter ... personally I like objectives to focus on ... in the meantime .... Let's find out what's in Jiani's Top Drawer as a fitness expert and what makes it possible for him to run his fitness training business with personalised food & training plans in Sydney’s best gym @fitnessplaygroundau & online worldwide.

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Top Drawer: Sarrah Le Marquand

We are HUGE fans of our next #TopDrawer guest here at Private Idaho Management, Columnist and Editor-In-Chief of two of our fav mags Stellar and body+soul, Sarrah Le Marquand. Find out more about about Sarrah as she takes on our top drawer questions.

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Top Drawer: Jules Sebastian

Introducing #TopDrawer! This is a fun series where we get to talk to friends and colleagues about their work life, their must haves on their desks and what's made their careers the success that they are. We were inspired by all of us experiencing changes in our work environment this year & how we stay on top of work-life balance and the demands we all have with our jobs & technology in our lives.

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A Letter To My 25 Year Old Self (Jennifer Fontaine)

Well Jen, I never thought I would write a letter to you that would be in this way … but that’s because this Jen has learned that there are some parts of you can be buried as time ticks by (so quickly), and for someone like you my biggest message in this letter back to you is this: trust the person you are at your deepest level. Don’t let the inner you be numbed, quietened or conformed to what you think life expects of you, or how you believe you should conform to suit other people's vision of life. In your own life, stop making things harder for yourself but easier for those around you. You need to hold onto your dreams, your true spirit and ability to drive through your inner strength and focus. Just remember to not stress too much about the future, it’s all going to be okay.

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GET TO KNOW: Kristen Doyle

This management company thrives on surrounding ourselves with brilliant consultants. These creatives bring a huge part of the success to our team and clients. Everyone who consultants are amazing people at the top of their game. But, for me personally, I couldn’t possibly start this exciting new highlight of Work Wednesday without the ultimate debut of my incredible friend and someone who I admire daily for their creative passion, brilliance, uniqueness, kindness and supreme talent; the one & only Kristen Doyle aka Noodle (her company is @killanoodle).

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LIFE OF PI: A June/July Update

Ok twentytwenty, you’re trying to break us but we are still breaking new ground over here in Team Private Idaho. June and July: we are getting through you with flying-and-busy-colours! Guy’s insanely beautiful new single “Standing With You” was released on June 26th, and along with it, one of Guy’s most stunning music videos to date… yes, the rains came down on that shoot (I promise it was purely coincidence that it rained inside that studio at the exact perfect time) and along with it the freezing cold temps but the result was certainly spectacular. Seriously, we can’t contain the outpouring of messages that have come in from this beautiful song – thank you and keep sending us your notes and stories. They are our reason.

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