TOP DRAWER: Tim Freeburn

I am really excited about this episode of Top Drawer because this talented businessman is truly a humble, straight shooting powerhouse. Everyone please meet Tim Freeburn, the Managing Director of Sesion Tequila. Sesion Tequila is an Australian success story that is quickly becoming renowned in Australia and internationally as a tequila brand of the highest quality. I must admit to being a novice when it comes to knowledge of Tequila but I will note Sesion is 100% Blue Agave, it’s clean, premium, and a brand created by Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall and cultivated by Tim in his role as Managing Director. Now please watch this episode to learn about all of Tim’s experience and career so far, and what he does to make his business world operate. I literally took it for the team (they know I don’t usually drink!!) and conducted this interview drinking Sesion. I have to say I am now a convert. It’s truly a delectable and classy consumption.

There’s a fun second tier to Tim. He happens to be Guy Sebastian’s best friend. Over these last years, getting to know Tim and seeing him with Guy has been super fun. Why ? Well, I would call them the odd couple; Guy and Tim really are the opposite of each other but also complement each other at the same time. Still, they have much in common; they both enjoy Sesion Tequila, they love golf, they love family, their amazing wives & kids, they are hilariously funny, they both are brilliant at business & personal relationships …. I guess the big one is who’s watch may work ha ha! Tim, you are a really wonderful person and businessman and someone I really respect & find inspiration from… thanks for making this Top Drawer a real highlight ….

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