• Welcome to Private Idaho’s blog. This is a place where the world of Private Idaho takes shape and you will be able to share in our vision. The name ‘Private Idaho’ was inspired by Gus Van Sant’s risk-taking cult movie ‘My Own Private Idaho.’  Choosing this name was a way of reminding myself and my team that we can take risks whilst always providing a sanctuary for our clients, partners and team as we grow and develop everyone’s careers and the business. Working in entertainment is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities. Every move we make at Private Idaho has purpose and strategy but also a lot of heart and joy. Nothing we do or start is ever started without thought and intention. This blog will allow us to open up a world of deeper thought, conversation and open information. This means there will be lots of posts about what we have learned over the years in business, trends we are reviewing or using or not, some behind the scenes, our influences in entertainment and in life that will touch on travel, art, lifestyle, running a family and business, balance, setting goals, people management, laughter and tips. You will hear from founder Jen Fontaine and also members of the amazing team who are brilliant people and executives.

    Welcome & enjoy ! 
    Jen Fontaine & all the team at Private Idaho 

The Sebastian Foundation

In late 2013, Guy and Jules Sebastian established The Sebastian Foundation to help families in need. Understanding the benefit of a strong family unit on individuals and community, the Foundation seeks to make a difference in lives where that family unit has been broken, through domestic violence, serious illness or under privilege.

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Angel Works Productions

Angel Works Productions is a dynamic entertainment company focusing on strategic and effective campaigns in music, new business, touring, talent management, productions and special events. In 2018, Jennifer accepted the position of CEO of Angel Works Productions and runs the label out of Australia and her home base of Los Angeles.

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