Jess Buckley

Executive Assistant

With a background in Hospitality, Human Resources and Administration support, Jess prides herself on working behind the scenes to efficiently improve the day-to-day operations of team Private Idaho.  

With a true passion for keeping executives organised, Jess supports our Managing Director with her day-to-day diary and calendar management, pre-empting the needs of Jen and the greater team, allowing them to work in their zone of genius, and continually push forward for our clients. 

Initially studying hospitality, Jess quickly realised that her people-person skills were what set her apart, and her love of providing support in the service industry grew. Moving through hotels and then into the corporate EA world, Jess loves the fast pace and variety that the dynamic entertainment industry provides. 

In her spare time, Jess loves quiet family time, or cocktails with girlfriends, and her favourite place to be is on the NSW South Coast. 

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