• Welcome to Private Idaho’s blog. This is a place where the world of Private Idaho takes shape and you will be able to share in our vision. The name ‘Private Idaho’ was inspired by Gus Van Sant’s risk-taking cult movie ‘My Own Private Idaho.’  Choosing this name was a way of reminding myself and my team that we can take risks whilst always providing a sanctuary for our clients, partners and team as we grow and develop everyone’s careers and the business. Working in entertainment is one of the most challenging and rewarding opportunities. Every move we make at Private Idaho has purpose and strategy but also a lot of heart and joy. Nothing we do or start is ever started without thought and intention. This blog will allow us to open up a world of deeper thought, conversation and open information. This means there will be lots of posts about what we have learned over the years in business, trends we are reviewing or using or not, some behind the scenes, our influences in entertainment and in life that will touch on travel, art, lifestyle, running a family and business, balance, setting goals, people management, laughter and tips. You will hear from founder Jen Fontaine and also members of the amazing team who are brilliant people and executives.

    Welcome & enjoy ! 
    Jen Fontaine & all the team at Private Idaho 

Rebecca Oxenbould

Foundation Manager

As well as working within the Private Idaho management team across various Guy and Jules Sebastian projects, Rebecca looks after The Sebastian Foundation and is responsible for finding, delivering and raising funds for the projects plus everything in between such as marketing, networking, governance and board communications.

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Nola Bartola

Assistant + Production

After Nola had her last child, Charlie, she started her own freelance company so that she could set her own schedule and work flexible hours. Having known Nola for over 20 years, Jennifer then asked her to join the Private Idaho team to assist with her personal affairs, administration and scheduling. Nola also doubles as a production assistant and is involved in a coordinating capacity in the lead-up to these events, live shows and film shoots.

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Edwina Sawyer

Operations Manager

Edwina and Jennifer have been friends since they met at primary school. When Jennifer needed a bookkeeper over 12 years ago, Edwina joined the Private Idaho team to help establish the business. As well as bookkeeping, Edwina's role also covers accounts management, preparing tour budgets and contracts, and working alongside Private Idaho's artist teams to collaborate on tours.

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Mandy Perry

Management Representative

Mandy and Jennifer worked together at Warner Music for a number of years before she was brought over to Private Idaho, where she has worked for the better part of ten years. As well as touching on the day-to-day needs of all of Private Idaho's management clients, Mandy is the company's resident touring expert and promotions manager with multi-facet experience across many parts of the business.

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Kate Sutton

LA Consultant

Following an illustrious career at Universal Music Group globally, Kate was called upon to help set up Private Idaho's Los Angeles office and has remained there, looking after the American side of the business, ever since. As well as working closely with Jennifer, Kate jumps in as needed across all artists on the Private Idaho roster. Kate is also integral in the day-to-day operations for the projects associated with Angel Works Productions - an independent, boutique entertainment company that Jennifer runs.

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Lauren Stamper

Sydney Manager

Lauren has worked in music and entertainment across her entire career, mainly in TV production, and first met Jennifer on 'The Voice' set. As Guy and Jules Sebastian's day-to-day manager, Lauren's role covers artist scheduling, artist relations, tour management, content creation and client liaising, but she is also across all of their creative, long-term planning and concept development. When Human Nature are in Australia, Lauren looks after the band's day-to-day requirements and is also part of their larger team that focuses on the U.S. market.

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Jennifer Fontaine

Founder & Managing Director

In 1992, Jennifer kicked off her career at Sony Music, starting off in a temporary position before she was soon offered a full-time role as National Publicity & Promotions Coordinator.  Jennifer continued her rise through the ranks, and after three years in the Executive Office was promoted to National Publicity & Artist Relations Manager for the Columbia imprint after Sony reshaped internally. In 1999, Jennifer accepted the position of National Publicity & Artist Development Director at Warner Music, remaining with the label for eight years until she launched her own business, Private Idaho working as a consultant to international artists seeking Australian support and other major Australian Artists. Private Idaho has offices in Sydney and Los Angeles exclusively managing the illustrious careers of Human Nature, Guy Sebastian, Jules Sebastian, up and coming rising star Scarlett Zumbo and some exciting new client signings being announced soon.

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